Education and enrichment

Climbing wall

Give your students a vertical challenge with our mobile climbing tower. This will challenge all students on a personal level and bring them together as a team by supporting one another.


We can deliver a range of games and challenges to suit your learning outcomes ranging from phonics and reading skills to map reading skills.


Give your students a chance to be bush craft warriors. 

From building shelters to lighting fires get them going back to basics with these engaging sessions.


We offer 2 types of archery, for years 1&2 we have sucker archery and for years 3 and above we have arrow based archery.

Both these sessions can be great fun and enjoyed by all.

Bumper Balls

Take a game of football and then place all the players in giant inflated balls bumping into one another.

This is great fun for all ages and even the big kids also known as  teachers to get involved.